Reducing Residential Energy Consumption through Home Energy Audits

Reducing Residential Energy Consumption through Home Energy Audits (via Green Building Elements)

With the growing trend towards becoming green and the emergence of energy audits and energy scores, people are left wondering, “What does it all mean and why should I care?”  The short answer to the question is; if you care about your financial… Continue reading

Mitchell J. Rabin: Climate Change, Media, Psychology & the Denial of Death

On the standard, commercial television channels we hear about extreme weather virtually every single day. Droughts in the southwest hardly seen since the days of the Dust Bowl and bizarre weather such as we saw this winter of snow in Houston, vast wildfires in California, mudslides north of Seattle and massive flooding in nothing other than hip and affluent Boulder, Colorado have besieged our beautiful country and world. Continue reading

Ted Wells: Earth Day Ideas From My School to Yours

“Passion is lifted from the earth itself by the muddy hands of the young; it travels along grass-stained sleeves to the heart.” ― Richard Louv, Last Child in the Woods

At The Park School in Brookline, MA, where I teach fourth grade, we do the things that most schools do, but we have also been working to connect with and protect the environment. We strive to do this through projects that inspire, empower, and educate kids. With the upcoming April 22nd, Earth Day, maybe you are searching for new ideas to do the same? Continue reading

Versatile prefab shed studio is stylish, eco-friendly

Tim Andrews spends a lot of time outdoors.

When he’s not planting banana trees, tropical plants and edibles in his backyard, he’s swimming in his custom-built pool.

“We’re out here swimming from May up until October,” said Andrews, a business development director for Hemophilia Preferred Care.

Recently he was able to add one of the key pieces to his backyard retreat — an art studio.

In addition to working full-time, gardening getting his green thumb in the dirt and exercising in the pool, Andrews paints in oils and acrylic and creates whimsical birdhouses with found objects. Continue reading

How-To-Be-Green & Keep More Green In Your Wallet

How-to-be-green is being discussed all over. It’s nearly impossible nowadays to open the paper and not see a story about what-is-going-green and the fast development of green structure, where new houses are constructed utilizing products that conserve energy and ecological resources. Property owner of green houses said in a survey that they were happier 85 percent of the time with their brand-new green house than with their previous, more typically built ones, due in part to the lower operating and upkeep expenses that come with energy- and resource-efficient houses. Continue reading

How to save money on heating and cooling equipment

Good housekeeping starts with taking a good care of your home. A regular maintenance is necessary to keep your home in good condition. You must have invested a lot of money on buying the most effective heating and cooling equipment for your home. But what if they break down on regular basis and do not perform well? By keeping a check on heating and cooling equipment, you not only increase the life span of the home appliances but also save on your energy bill. Remember, little chore could help you to save money on major repair in the near future. Continue reading

Fixing Fascia – A How To Guide

The fascia are the boards that trim the bottom edge of the roofing, and they typically hold the rain gutters. Many repairs include removal of at least part of the fascia, and that implies getting rid of the rain gutters, all while standing on a ladder or scaffolding.




Setting up an extension ladder for fascia repair work can be challenging, due to the fact that its leading end can not rest on the section you are replacing. Building L-brackets for the fascia from 1/2-inch plywood and affixing them prior to removing the old boards, makes it easy to keep the new boards in location while you’re securing them. Continue reading